June 28, 2020

What We Learned During Quarantine!

A flash back to how we were in the first days of quarantine, we recall what we worried about, feared, and hoped. The question now is: what have we learned throughout this pandemic? Are we still the same?and how has COVID-19 changed our perspectives in life? “INDEX Media”conducted a survey for its audience on what they learned in the last few months, and what are the new skills that they gained during this pandemic.42% of the surveyed people said they’ve learned cooking, while 12% were more engaged in sport activities and did Yoga. 10% said that they spent their time […]
May 11, 2020

Over the past four months

Since 2 January 2020 INDEX Media has been handling media coverage to the largest events in the region, to name a few, AEEDC Dubai - UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition, DUPHAT - Dubai International Pharmaceutical & Technology Conference & Exhibition and Innovation Arabia 13. The coverage was been production, social media and PR in addition to being the media agency for these events where all designs, translation and marketing were done by INDEX Media. […]
April 8, 2020
Making Work from Home work for you!

Making Work from Home work for you!

It is said that things can change in a blink of an eye. This is exactly what happened over the last few months. The world is going through a situation that most people would never imagine that they might witness in their lifetime. Unprecedentedly, hospitals are overloaded, companies changed their way of doing work and cities are in complete lockdown. While waiting for this pandemic to pass and in line with the government instructions and as an effort to be socially responsible and safe, most people are currently working from home. While trying to adjust to the new work situation, […]