November 11, 2022
Hook your audience with these CTA Best Practices!

Hook your audience with these CTA Best Practices!

A CTA or Call to Action is the prompt on your web & social media content that asks the user to engage & take action, they come as buttons & links and are often worded in an imperative tone & with a sense of urgency aimed at compelling the user to take a specific & measurable action. CTAs are best when they are concise & some work better than the other, the key being to understand your prospects and the phrases that elicit desirable responses from them. They can be incorporated anywhere provided the marketer knows when & how to […]
November 24, 2020

Content vs. Design

In ads, content is king, in posts, content is king, in press releases, content is definitely king, but is that also the case for websites? We are INDEX Media, a group of creative millennials who are always trying to come up with the most creative content for our clients, but for some reason, always end up picking at each other when trying to decide whether design or content is superior and deserves the most attention. To end this once and for all, we decided to turn this into a survey for millennials and asked our audience what is more important […]
November 19, 2020

Where are the most creative ads seen?

Television, newspaper, magazine, radio, or online, wherever an advertisement is published, it is published to make an impact. It is meant to trigger a feeling, whether it was a feeling of compassion, a feeling of excitement, or even a feeling of FOMO. Advertisements go way back centuries ago and have been used throughout the years to help brands get their message across, enhance brand awareness, and increase sales. Television advertisements in particular were mostly well-received throughout the years and were a very popular form of ads back in the day, and in some areas of the world, they still dominate […]
October 7, 2020

What is your favorite news social media account that keeps you up to date?

There’s no denying that social media has become much more than a place for people to connect. We now live in a time where anyone can be a reporter, and with a click of a button, news can spread across the globe. And due to the simple process of spreading news, sometimes credibility is on the line. In fact, a large number of Arabs actually get their news from Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook. But among the hundreds of accounts that report news, which ones do audience find the most credible? And how do they establish that credibility? […]
August 9, 2020

Most popular Influencers in the Arab World

Whether you’re into Fashion, Design, Makeup, Lifestyle tips, Recipes & Cooking, or even Marketing & Sales, you are bound to find an influencer on different Social Media platforms that creates the content that you’re looking for. Social Media Platforms have seen tremendous change in the past few years, and have become more than a place for people to connect. Now, we are able to tag along on the daily lives of our favorite influencers and take a close look into their activities, as well as get tips and tricks about different topics. And because the number of people labeled as […]
July 27, 2020

Organic Marketing vs. Paid Ads: what do marketers prefer?

If you ask any business owner about their objectives for their social media platforms, follower count is bound to be on top of the list! Business owners and marketers alike have been exploring different ways to increase the number of followers on different social media platforms, as well as keeping their audience engaged. Although there are many ways you can increase the number of followers on your social media platforms, all these methods can be categorized into two groups, organic marketing, and paid ads. INDEX Media has conducted a survey to understand how millennial marketers and entrepreneurs prefer to increase […]
July 16, 2020
Did your online shopping increase during COVID-19

Did your online shopping increase during COVID-19?

Staying at home during quarantine changed consumers shopping habits. The majority of people were dragged to switch to online and mobile shopping for groceries, daily necessities, and other important products. Not to mention that it was also the first time for many consumers to adopt this practice during COVID-19 outbreak. According to a new survey conducted by INDEX Media to its followers, 83% of the surveyed people confirmed that their online shopping increased during Covid-19. They also said that shopping online was almost the only option they had out of necessity or practicality. Some of the surveyed mentioned that shopping […]
July 9, 2020

How do you get your social media designs?

Facts indicate that the power of visuals to attract attention and drive traffic to your social media accounts can’t be denied, and it is the reason behind why business owners and bloggers are more interested in working with professional graphic designers to create an engaging image for their social media platforms. But what if you are not a designer or you can’t afford one, how do you get your social media designs? A question that INDEX Media have asked to its followers through a survey. Nearly half of the surveyed people said that they do their personal online researches to […]
December 23, 2019

“Content is King”

“Content is King”, a famous phrase in the marketing world that was said years ago, but still proves to be true. What does it really mean? It dates back to January 1996, when Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, wrote and released an essay that stated the importance of content, and how he thinks that most of the money made on the internet will be made through content. Content is a broad term for material that is heard, seen or read. It is the essence of marketing and the source of value for any platform. Content is the boat on which the […]