August 9, 2022
Landing Page Practices

Landing Page Practices to Make Your Audience Stay!

The landing page or ‘lead capture page’ is the single web page that you’re directed to when clicking on the search engine result of your business. One cannot afford to miss out on optimizing the landing page as it’s the first visual impression of your brand to the public, making it an important factor in lead generation. Since the actions a visitor takes on a landing page determines your overall conversion rate, here are some of the best practices that come in handy when crafting the perfect sticky landing page for your business – Demonstrate Use & Benefit of Product […]
July 26, 2022
Web Accessibility & Inclusivity

Web Accessibility & Inclusivity – Key Tips you should be aware of !

Wondering how to keep your website & social media accessible – well you’re in luck! Accessibility & Equality are one of the main key pillars when it comes to browsing the web therefore, accommodating users with disabilities is a must which allows them to tailor their experience to meet specific needs and preferences while accessing websites. Leading global brands make use of AI powered accessibility solutions like Userway and accessible, making them more inclusive of their audience & cater to them with ease and comfort. Nowadays, Content & Business owners in the UK & USA are required to be compliant […]